Emma-Kimma is made up of a growing number of people who enjoy their faith, creativity, have compassion for others, and love for our fellow man.  ​

My name is Karen Summerlin and I am the founder of Emma-Kimma.  This is a labor of love for me and I have been recruiting talented, creative people who use their talent and ability to create beautiful gift/craft items.  It just seemed natural we would gravitate to each other.

My goal for this company is to grow and be able to use a portion of my proceeds to help others in need.   By doing this, I hope to bring joy from a nice gift, laughter from a funny t-shirt, and perhaps change a person's perspective on life. We have all known people who suffer from loneliness, depression,  even worthlessness and perceive themselves as nothing.  I want to show people they ARE worthwhile.  What if something we make helps someone go on one more day?  It makes our efforts worthwhile.

I am passionate about the underdog.  I have great concern for the state of our country.  And I love life.  If I can make a difference in this world somehow, even in the smallest way, I will have accomplished something great.  Don't you think?

I ask that you take a moment and seriously consider our products.  We do not boast of the fanciest process or wildest product.  What we do offer is heart,  and I believe it shows in everything we make.  Knowing that we will be giving out of our profit to others, to help meet their needs, doesn't it inspire you to become a part of that gift? 


I promise we will strive to earn your trust, loyalty, and support by offering quality products.  If you receive anything not quite up to your standards, let us know so we can work to make it right.  We will be posting a blog soon, detailing what we have achieved in helping others so you can see the role you played in making a difference in someone's life.  

Please consider supporting our store.  We will continually add new and even unexpected gifts and accessories for your shopping pleasure.

And with that, may your day be joyful, satisfying, and prosperous, and may we meet again in our store or in life.